Barry Thomas

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I wrote my first computer book in 1984, followed by scores of magazine articles and hundreds of user manuals, some of which were printed by the million.

With Quartet Software I wrote software for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in C and C++. I wrote IIS server extensions to deliver HTML and CSS formatted drug reference data in print, on CD with our own browser and over intranets and the web.

After 15 successful years in IT I decided to follow a long-held dream to work with silver. That idea turned into a 10 year sabbatical during which I designed and made silverware for cathedrals, stately homes, multinational companies and private clients. Everything from a pair of solid gold whisky cups to a sterling silver replica printing press. My work can be found across the UK and USA, in a church in Moscow and in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

I returned to the world of IT and wrote native apps for Android, documented software for the European Patent Office in the Hague and laser projection systems for a hi-tech firm in Cambridge and wrote programming instructions for an automotive-vision chip designed by ARM.

Now I have retired I carve lettering on stone, take photographs and spoil our two pet pigs, Hector and Dina.